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1. 4D Data - The intelligence sector to date has provided too narrow a view of market opportunities largely due to an inability to fully synergise critical data into actionable intelligence. Data is often of poor quality, is badly structured and not dynamic so often doesn’t fit well into a companies business process further constraining what value can be derived. Pivotal iQ has found a solution to these and many more issues that have long been an issue in the intelligence industry. We call it 4D Data: Deep data dynamically delivered.

2. Predictive Sales Enablement - Pivotal iQ has created deep data sets using the latest technologies and methods to deliver a deeper and more accurate view on the industries supply and procurement activities than ever before. Such intelligence has never been compiled in this way before. Finally, timely and relevant Predictive Sales Enablement is available to accelerate your sales and partnership activities to drive your revenue growth.

3. Big Data principles - Pivotal iQ joins and interrogates datasets to deliver unique insights that were previously not available to the market. We believe you only see what you look for and at Pivotal iQ we take the deepest and most focused look across the market. Provital iQ’s approach builds on decades of industry experience. We have listened to frustrations from customers of other services across the industry to formulate an approach that is founded on the best methods and technologies available in the marketplace today do deliver trusted, quality and timely intelligence never before available in this form.

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Pivotal iQ was founded with the over-arching mission of changing the way sourcing intelligence is received and applied.

Led by a team of professionals widely recognised as the founders of sourcing intelligence, Pivotal iQ provides a suite of exclusive sourcing intelligence solutions to boost the decision-making capacity of enterprises, ICT companies and BPO vendors.

The company’s deep sourcing intelligence and diagnostic tools on and for the ICT industry, analyse the industry’s supply and purchasing activities to identify points of significant business value for enterprise companies and the providers that serve them.

Pivotal iQ intelligence toolsets SpendView and InstalledView have revolutionised sourcing intelligence. In a very short period of time the company has converted many leading Tier-1 technology vendors to source actionable data using 4D – Deep Data Dynamically Delivered.

Deep Data – Pivotal iQ offers intelligence on over 9 million product installations, over 30,000 sourcing contracts and over 2 million individual ICT markets, across 186 countries and 22 industries.

Whilst the breadth of the company’s data is unparalleled, data volume is not solely what differentiates Pivotal iQ or makes it unique.

Dynamically Delivered – Data is in its natural state just that, data. Pivotal iQ brings technology vendors a suite of tools that make it easy for them to transform Pivotal iQ’s deep data into intelligence that is perfect for their business, with delivery in a form that fits into their processes straight away.

For too long companies have been spending days trying to shoehorn intelligence to fit their process definitions. Pivotal iQ aligns its data to companies processes as they are the customers not Pivotal iQ. This unique approach is called ‘dynamic delivery’.

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  1. Manish Patel on December 6, 2017

    Great company to work for and a pleasure to see the rapid take-up of the Pivotal iQ platform by major systems integrators.

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