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In 3 bullets, summarize why this company deserves recognition:

1. Motive has a demonstrated history of making strategic and preemptive decisions to keep pace with market innovation and ensure its place as a leader in marketing services. Over the course of its 15-year history, Motive has gone through several major evolutions: first, pivoting from providing general online marketing solutions to clients in various segments to providing marketing services to companies focused in the online gaming segment such as Zynga; next shifting from providing online marketing solutions to solely mobile acquisition marketing. Finally, Motive has adopted programmatic media-buying technologies into its service to keep pace with the market's move towards increased transparency and efficiency.

2. Motive seeks to provide a positive and harmonious work environment for its family of employees to build community and enhance productivity. CEO and founder, Brendan Smith, runs Motive Interactive with an open-door policy and commitment to transparency. Team members know the financial state of the company and the goals Motive is trying to reach at all times. Brendan has also created a corporate culture that seeks to acknowledge and appreciate every individual employee's unique personality and needs. The company's mission, vision and core values, seating charts, peer interaction, meeting formats, sales approach and operational processes are all determined by the team.

3. Motive Interactive has exhibited a deep commitment to innovation through its investment and development of programmatic media buying technologies. Motive's sophisticated programmatic technology uses predictive modeling and machine learning to dynamically optimize Motive's bidding, ensuring the efficient and effective spending of advertisers' budgets. This comprehensive bidding model varies bid-prices along an evolving data-set of over 100 unique characteristics, including conversion moments, optimized creatives and offline real-world data on target audiences, ad request attributes, user demographic, interests, device type, geographic location, day of week and time of day.

In less than 300 words, summarize the achievements of the company in the nominated category

Motive Interactive is a global mobile app optimization and marketing company that combines over 15 years of experience in the digital advertising industry and sophisticated programmatic technology to drive user acquisition for some of the world’s top mobile app companies including Uber, Apple, Spotify and Pandora. Since 2003, Motive has been firmly committed to providing the industry’s most trusted and cutting-edge mobile app marketing and retargeting platform. As an early adopter of mobile marketing technologies, Motive has constantly adapted to meet the challenges of the fast-paced ad tech industry. Today, Motive is recognized as one of the most advanced user acquisition platforms in the mobile marketing space.

Given the rapid pace of innovation in advertising technologies-particularly the rise of programmatic media buying-Motive has faced the challenge of keeping pace with changing technology while maintaining its commitment to a lean methodology. To achieve technological innovation at scale, Motive committed to investing in new technologies through key partnerships and maintaining a lean team of engineers rather than building a programmatic buying platform from scratch. This decision combined with Motive’s existing expertise in the mobile advertising space has proven powerfully effective, with Motive driving annual revenue of over $30 million with a staff of less than 40 employees.

Motive differentiates itself in the mobile marketing space through its leverage of modern technologies such as programmatic and artificial intelligence, its deep knowledge and understanding of the mobile performance space through its early adoption of mobile platforms, and its commitment to service through the pairing of a dedicated account manager with each advertiser.

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