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  • Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service): DiscoverOrg
  • Website:
  • Company size (employees): 100 to 499
  • Product Version Number: N/A
  • Type of solution: Hybrid
  • Year this product or service was first introduced to the market: 2007
  • Year the current version of this product or service has been released: 2007
  • Approximate number of users worldwide: 47879

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service deserves recognition:

1.) DiscoverOrg is setting a high bar for data accuracy and growth in our industry. Emerging technologies are increasing everyone’s ability to collect data, through integration, web-scraping, and crowd-sourcing; however, maintaining data accuracy over time remains a problem. DiscoverOrg is constantly improving our processes - which includes a host of technologies and integrations, plus human verification - to maintain the highest level of data accuracy in a scalable way. Since our database doubled during 2017 (we anticipate it doubling in size again in 2018) - maintaining data accuracy and integrity are paramount. Our 95% rate of data accuracy is contractually guaranteed.

2.) Wraparound support for the product and processes: DiscoverOrg goes far beyond a 1-800 number or chatbot for help and support. Each account has a dedicated personal Customer Success Manager, skilled technical support team available 24/7, and educational opportunities including weekly webinars, an educational portal with courses specific to the platform and industry best practices, and DiscoverOrg Certification. Our award-winning Learning & Development department employs 30+ professional full-time trainers.

3.) DiscoverOrg’s rapid response to changing market conditions and users’ needs. One thing you’ll NEVER hear around our office: “We’re doing it that way because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” From our CEO on down, innovation, new ideas, and experimentation are codified in DiscoverOrg culture. Whether it’s an opportunity to bring a new product to market, a chance to pivot a growth strategy, or a chance to add a new integration, we take it. When processes doesn't work, we kill them. Revolutionary ideas come from anywhere, so we have a company-wide “idea portal” where employees suggest new product features. Our culture of data-based decision-making prompted us to acquire our biggest competitor in August 2017. We’re confident it will keep us at the head of the pack in the coming year.

In less than 300 words, summarize the most important features and benefits of this product or service

DiscoverOrg offers accurate, actionable sales intelligence about companies and individual decision-makers, plus tools for sales teams to grow their pipeline. The DiscoverOrg platform supports the entire pipeline-generating cycle: Defining a target market; identifying target accounts and contacts; predicting, prioritizing, and monitoring those targets; conducting contextual research; and personalizing engagement at scale.

DiscoverOrg’s claim to fame is the depth and accuracy of our data. Information is collected and continuously updated through our proprietary combination of technology, then verified by our in-house, 250-person research team. Our offering includes company data, such as technology stack, funding events, and C-suite moves; plus individual contact information, including direct-dial phone numbers, verified email addresses, job title and responsibilities, and position within the company’s org chart.

All DiscoverOrg data is contractually guaranteed to be 95% accurate, the highest demonstrable rate of accuracy in the business.

For ongoing data hygiene and completion, DiscoverOrg includes an automated enrichment feature that is fully customizable. For example, sales operations teams can identify field-level rules for automatic data sync and enrichment.

Using our top-rated Google Chrome extension sales reps highlight a prospect name on any webpage on the internet, and see contact details such as a direct-dial phone number and verified email address, as well as firmographic insights like tech stack, planned investments, and org charts – all without leave the page. This information can be pushed into a CRM or Outreach sequence, with one click.

DiscoverOrg has more integrations than any other data provider. Our CRM, marketing automation, and sales development integrations have a high level of custom configuration. Integrations include Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Bullhorn, Salesloft, Outreach, and many more.

While our platform offers a suite of dynamic sales tools, DiscoverOrg data goes wherever sales reps live – whether that’s our platform, on the web, or elsewhere in the sales tech stack.

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