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  • Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service): DiscoverOrg
  • Website:
  • Product Version Number: NA
  • Type of solution: Hybrid
  • Year this product or service was first introduced to the market: 2007
  • Year the current version of this product or service has been released: 2007
  • Approximate number of users worldwide: 35000

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service deserves recognition:

-DiscoverOrg delivers the world’s most accurate, integrated, and actionable intelligence to more than 40,000 sales, marketing, and staffing professionals at more than 2,300 companies, enabling them to have the strategic conversations that lead to more pipeline, more wins, and faster growth. Our unique focus on technology + human verification delivers an unparalleled level of accuracy to our customers, who have repeatedly rated us the #1 sales intelligence tool through G2Crowd.
-DiscoverOrg’s platform contributes to the democratization of growth - allowing companies to disrupt entire industries with insightful sales intelligence that provides access to decision-makers that could previously only be reached through networking or personal relationships. In fact, more than 20 DiscoverOrg customers are classified as “unicorns” - private companies valued at $1b+. DiscoverOrg itself uses its own tool for its own growth and has earned a position on the Inc 5000 6 straight years - and of any company that has ever been on the list 6 consecutive times, DiscoverOrg has the 12th highest growth rate - further evidence of the value of the product itself.
-DiscoverOrg is fully invested in the success of its customers and is focused on enabling best-in-class sales skills development BEYOND just the use of its own data platform. We recognize that data is only as good as the way that it is utilized. This is evidenced by its commitment to exceptional customer service commenced at onboarding with a dedicated Customer Success Manager for every account; a skilled technical support team available 24/7; educational opportunities inclusive of a robust knowledgebase, weekly webinars, an educational portal with courses specific to the platform & industry best practices, a proprietary Sales Development certification created exclusively for customers (TiLT) to develop the art +science of sales; and a customer engagement platform where users can participate in the larger

In less than 300 words, summarize the most important features and benefits of this product or service

DiscoverOrg’s platform provides the most accurate, actionable, and integrated sales intelligence in the industry. The core data within the platform is human-verified at a minimum of 60 days by DiscoverOrg’s team of 250 researchers and includes direct dial numbers, emails, detailed organizational charts, technology installs, and triggers for leadership changes, funding events, and planned projects. The data includes coverage across all major corporate departments, companies of all sizes, and across the globe.

Beyond the core data, the platform has continuously evolved to support the most innovate new technologies – including a suite of account-based marketing tools, predictive analytics, and data enrichment that make it simple to identify and expand insights into target accounts – and deep integrations and native apps with every single major CRM, MAT, and SDR tool in the industry, ensuring fresh data right in the systems sales reps are in all day long. Other standard features of DiscoverOrg’s robust SaaS platform include the ability to employ highly targeted searches, append & clean data with other sales systems, build lookalike models based on best-fit customers, and prioritize daily workflows by following and receiving alerts for changes in the records of contacts and companies on their target lists.

Customers drive significant ROI upwards of 60x in a year through revenue acceleration – specifically, a bigger pipeline, more meetings set, and more deals won by reaching the right person at the right company at the right time, 50% reduction in time spent researching, and improved connect rates, ensuring that when they do reach out, the message is delivered to the right number or inbox. Inbox placement increases, blacklist challenges decrease, dialers are now effective, and employee morale increases.

Empowered with detailed insights and world-class intelligence, users can identify the right prospects, establish context for the right message, and make contact at the right

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